PANDIGAI has first time director Feroz wielding the megaphone with his better half Vijayalakshmi of Chennai 28 fame taking care of the production.

The story of Pandigai is as convoluted as the hero in the movie. The movie which begins rather sedately tries to get into thriller mode and then ends up in a very flimsy comical manner. The idea was supposedly intentional and it is tough to say if the viewer will be amused with the sudden flip flop. The romance is a dampener and does not work making the script less convincing. The comedy as well works just sparsely.

Kreshna undoubtedly gives his best performance till date while the Kayal fame Anandhi has very little to do in her role except being cute. Saravanan after a long gap is good in his role while the rest of the actors perform amicably.

Arvi’s cinematography lends depth to the otherwise flaccid scenes though music score by Vikram is quite decent the songs are reminiscent of Yuvan style. The dialogues are standard and direction by Feroze is a little above average.

PANDIGAI tries to entertain but ends up as a damp squib.