DOUBLE TUCKERR is a comedy film that is written and directed by Meera Mahadhi and is produced by Chandru Raghuraman.

A few minutes into the film you can see apparent resemblances to the decades old Rajini film “Adhisiya Piravi”, but then to many they might not know it. This fancy plot offers a lot in terms of scope because logic can be totally non-existent. The animated characters provide some freshness in an otherwise standard template script that rarely gets out of its hackneyed screenplay. When it does there is some comic relief and fun. The references of films and actors of the bygone era is not something new but still work in parts. At a length of just two hours the film still feels long drawn.

Dhiraj is OK. Smruthi Venkat has not much to do. Kaali Venkat, Sunil Reddy, Kovai Sarala, Mansoor Ali Khan and MS Bhaskar do justice to their caricature roles.

Gautham Rajendran’s cinematography is decent. Vidhyasagar after a long hiatus returns and is neat. Vetrivel’s editing has nothing much to offer. Dialogues are average and direction standard.

DOUBLE TUCKERR might just about impress the kids ..



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