VALLAVAN VAGUTHADHADA is a crime thriller that is written, directed and produced by Vinayek Durai. The film is produced by Focus Studio Productions.

The film makes an interesting beginning and as the story progresses the plot gets intriguing as more characters get added to the narrative. The episodes get a name, though the chapter name makes no impact the stories do get the attention it deserves. Hyper link mode suits the screenplay as the transitions happen in a seamless way. The drawback is the way the film conveniently manages to box everything to a contrived T.

Tej Charanraj is neat. Ananya Mani too is good. Balachandrein can be annoying but cannot be ignored. The rest in the form of Swathi Meenakshi, Rajesh Balachandiren, Vikram are decent, Aditya is OK and so are, Regin Rose, Aroul D Shankar.

Cinematography by Karthik Nallamuthu is neat. Sagishna Xavier’s musical score works. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.

VALLAVAN VAGUTHADHADA is a decent flick with a message.


B.U.Shreesha .

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