DEAR is a family-comedy drama that is written and directed by Anand Ravichandran. The film is produced by Nutmeg Productions.

There was an earlier film that touched upon snoring and the film “Good night” got good reviews. This film too touches upon the same topic though the characters and the presentation is quite different. At the outset there would be many gender loyalists who would take umbrage with certain characters and scenes in the film, but that set aside, the film still fails to get going. The superficial treatment of all the issues that continue to plague the characters in the film is exasperating. There are a few scenes that work and there are many that do not work at all. The inconsistency affects the viewer’s experience and leaves a dissatisfied feel to the viewer.

GV Prakash does what he knows. Aishwarya Rajesh is wasted in a small role. The support cast are decent.

Cinematography by Jadeesh is good. GVP scores the music for the film and is decent. Dialogues works in parts. Rukesh’s editing is OK and direction is fairly neat.

DEAR misses the trick despite potential !!



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