MAIDAAN is a sports drama that is written and directed by Amith Ravendranath Sharma. The film is produced by Zee Studios.

The first half of the film takes its own time to set the characters and expectations on board. For people who know the backdrop of the film it would be tad long, but for the ones who are not aware the suspense builds up pretty well. The games are shot amazingly well. It is in the second half, especially when in the last one hour that the film soars. The crescendo , the finale is pulsating to say the least. Ignore the slow pace at times and certain scenes that seem more stretched and yet Maidaan scores pretty well on content, performance and technical finesse.

Ajay Devgan proves yet again what a consummate actor he is. His versatility is sadly under quoted. Priyamani has not much to do and yet is decent. Gajraj Rao is simply brilliant as the bad guy. The player actors do terrifically well.

MAIDAAN is has a wonderful team behind the scenes to deliver its vision. VFX is top notch. AR Rahman’s background score is decent. Dialogues are impressive and direction is solid.

MAIDAAN will be a certainty when it comes to top 10 sports film drama in Indian cinema



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