Kootathil Oruthan is by debutant film maker Gnanavel for Dream warrior pictures.

KO has a very unique story hypothesis and also is very realistic in its approach as well that can affect the majority of the population. Interestingly told and layered, KO manages to keep the audience engaged. The message of the movie that is reflected subtly at the beginning is then stated strongly towards the end of the movie. What begins as a decent love story ends as a movie with a very strong note. KO works well mostly though at times it could have done with some more depth and smartness in writing.

Ashok Selvam deserves all praise for taking up this challenging role and carving a very good performance, while Priya Anand plays her usual self in a very usual role. Samuthrakanni too gets a typical role and plays his part while others in the movie are quite decent.

Cinematography sticks to fundamentals while Nivas in the music department scores well in the background and also with some decent songs. Editing could have worked a little more while the dialogues are good. Direction for a first timer is commendable.

Kootathil Oruvan is an honest film and can stir emotions. Kudos to the team for their debutant effort.