KADAISI VIVASAYI is a rural drama that is written and directed by Manikandan. This film is produced by Tribal Arts Production. Manikandan is critically acclaimed for his earlier films like Kaaka Muttai and Andavan Kattalai.

KV is a farmer’s story and sticks true to it. TFI(Tamil Film Industry) of late has had almost every film making “obligatory” references to the farmer’s cause in too many obtuse ways in most of its films and in some they have just been preachy without acumen as they took pot shots at the establishment or the corporate. Manikandan the writer completely decouples from this routine charade and presents a moving tale that is not just bona fide, but interesting and edifying. The subtle ways the film conveys everything that afflicts the farmer’s cause without vilifying or ridiculing anything or anybody in particular is conspicuous. The script is as self-effacing as the characters in the film and tells you a tale of passion, grit and determination that is truly rousing. Slow paced narration could be a disincentive for many and the lack of typical commercial elements that find no warrant.

Nallandi simply aces it with his down to earth mannerisms and genuine portrayal. Rebecca Philip is another actor to watch out for in the film. Yogi Babu and Vijay Sethupathi thankfully get little screen time. The rest of the characters too make their mark.

Manikandan as the cinematographer impresses and stays true to his craft never overplaying the script. Sontosh Narayan’s background score is effective. Manikandan edits the film as well, but stays the filmmaker more than the editor. Dialogues are good and direction impressive considering the unprofessional star cast.

KADAISI VIVASAYI is a fantastic illustration to TFI in its humble and yet compelling presentation of a cause without “trolls” that everyone has to contemplate.