Passion Studios produces this film that is written and directed Deepak Sundarrajan. It gets a multi language release on Disney Hotstar.

Kollywood is back to its favourite horror comedy now in fantasy mode. AS is truly and faithfully all the horror comedies watched before, an amalgamation of the usual haunted bungalow, revenge, stupid ghosts and rebirth. The screenplay is a sham that is enacted by the motley group of actors in a script that is ludicrous to say the least. Tamil cinema for all its supercilious preaching of everything under the sun, still continues to body shame and colour shame its own ilk in the name of comedy. Despite all the glitz and the medley of characters the film ends up being hackneyed.
Vijay Sethupathi is in the film. Taapsee is ridiculously bad (colour must have been a strong reason to being cast). Yogi Babu tries his best as he can. Radhika is over the top and the rest whine all the way to the end.

Production design is a letdown despite fantasy elements in the film. The costume design is such a farce. Cimenatography by Goutham George is OK. Krishna Kishor’s musical score is average. Dialogues are sub standard. Editing by Pradeep is basic. Direction is inept.

There are two names in cinema we have had enough of recently, i.e. Anabelle and Vijay Sethupathi and imagine them coming together??? And wait the scariest part is they are coming again.. ANABELLE SETHUPATHI – PART 2.

If that doesn’t scare you for now, nothing might.




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