ORU NODI is an investigative thriller written and directed by debutant R Manivarman. The film is produced by KG Ratheesh and Azhagar G.

ORU NODI makes an impressive beginning and doesn’t waste much time getting to the plot of the film. But unfortunately there is a parallel plot that kind of gets entangled with the main plot thereby making the viewer lose focus as the narrative starts oscillating between the two plots offering a lot of information that at times isn’t so necessary. What works for the film is that the narrative sticks to the issues on hand and rarely digresses. There are no songs and pointless action sequences. The ruse keeps the viewer interested and the whodunit hook keeps them engaged. The contrived logic and the artificial scheming is a letdown.

Cinematography by Ratheesh is good. Musical score by Sanjay Manickam is neat. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are fine and direction for a debutant is good.

ORU NODI is an average attempt for a debutant !!



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