Balloon Movie Review

Balloon is by director Sinish and has Jai on the big screen after a long gap with Anjali as well playing opposite him.

The director protects himself from charges of “copy” by attributing not one but several films which have inspired him to make this film. Therein begins the trouble, forget the inspiration this “horror drama” cooks up, the never ending drama drags on incessantly with a sordid flashback that refuses to die. What saves the viewer from a snooze is the wit in the movie. Yogi Babu with his coloured content in his Tees and his peppered one liners keeps the audience awake.

Jai is back to doing what he knows to do and he is decent in his role. Anjali too is OK while it is Yogi Babu the interesting factor in this film with his nonchalant body language and terse liners. Others are quite insignificant in their weakly etched roles.

R Arun takes care of cinematography and is good. It is refreshing to see Yuvan back , but the songs are jaded while he does a good job behind the scenes. Editing by Ruben should have seen extra hours while dialogues are good. Direction is average.

Balloon begins quite well and then loses steam.