“Cultural tradition of caste and religion made women slaves” – Sathyaraj

The South Indian Film Women’s Association was launched yesterday evening amidst huge fanfare with almost all the leading personalities of Tamil film industry gracing over the occasion. The celebrities that includes versatile cinematographer P.C. Sreeram, Sathyaraj, Revathy ,Rohini, Aditi Menon, Pa. Ranjith, Balaji Sakthivel, Pushkar Gayathri, Ambika,Saroja Devi , Prem , Sachu, Vivek Prasanna, Sulile Kumar and many more prominent celebrities.

Speaking on the occasion, Sathyaraj said, “The culture and tradition over centuries made women slaves while religion and caste were used to substantialize them. In order to untie a knot, one must know how the knots were created. This applies to this context for all the women to know the origin of slavery that was created and how it can be undone. My personal suggestion that it could be pretty much enlightened through the book ‘Pen Yaen Adimai Aanal’ (Why women became a slave?)

He furthermore added saying, “During the ancient times during the phase of great writers like Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaranar, the films that carried societal message were delivered with good package of entertainment. They were financially successfully and had good message as well. I would request the contemporary filmmakers who would like to give out the social messages to public to follow the same.”

Filmmaker Gayathri, “I feel so much delighted to be a part of this great moment.” Pushkar on his part added, “We have seen lots of social messages through the perspective of men. Now we are going to witness the same through a women’s point of view with this SIFWA.”

Cinematographer P.C. Sreeram, “There are lots of talents in the industry, but it is our duty to recognise and turn the spotlights upon them. I have personally known that the office bearers of SIFWA had to go through lots of toilsome moments and hard work to launch this association. There will be at least a single woman as an assistant in all my movies. The reason is that they are talented.”

Filmmaker Pa Ranjith, “The limitations and confinements upon the women are considered as a normalcy in today’s situation and this myth should be broken. We should fight for our own freedom and no one is going to raise their voice for it.”

Actress Revathi recollected on this occasion about something great. She said, “I had made a film before 17 years that completely comprised of female technicians. I am happy that this SIFWA will bring more such instances by exploring the talents of women.”

The occasion witnessed the launch of SIFWA website and ‘Thiraiyaal’, which is a quarterly magazine.

Vaishali Subramaniam (President), Angel Chamraj (Vice President), Eeswari VP(General Secretary), Meena Marutharasi S (Joint Secretary) and Geetha S (Treasurer) played a perfect host.