We have had a spurt of movies focusing on the dark side of “internet” and technology and X videos takes the same path. Colour Shadows produce this film that is written and directed by Sajo Sundar. 

Though there have been films that have harped on the insecurity of internet, X videos takes a “no nonsense” approach to this issue and almost succeeds in it. The film wastes no time in the purpose and takes the audience heads on. The movie has some nice ingenious moments though the execution could have been better. The plot and the planning are fine while a little work was necessary in the writing. Ad hoc shifting and a little drag here and there tend to make this an elongated watch.

The newcomers have done quite a good job. Ajay Akriti especially Vikram do well. Imran is quite stiff otherwise he too is OK. 

Vincent Amalraj behind the camera does a decent job. Johan scores the music and the background score is OK. Dialogues are mostly OK, while direction for a  first timer borders on being average.

X Videos despite being a film on “Porn” is quite decent and that is something the writer director deserves credit for as well as for the message for everyone who take internet security for granted.