THIRUTTUPAYALE 2 tries to encash on its earlier success under a similar name and hyping itself as a sequel. Susi Ganeshan the author of the first one takes the cudgels again for this one as well.

TP2 works on a premise that is off late the most favoured subject across kollywood, technology and its misuse. What is instantly likeable is that the movie has a slew of grey characters that are reactive. The other interesting aspect is the cat and mouse game between the two lead characters that keeps the viewer thoroughly engaged waiting for the next twist. Sadly the songs are a major irritant slowing the pace and the “Susi” angle that just does not stick to the plot. The ending too could have been better done as the climax ends in a whimper.

Bobby Simha is cool yet very methodical in his performance. Amala Paul makes the right move in her comeback film and is prepared to go “all the way”. It is Prasanna, who outguns everyone else. Sad that this talented actor continues to get underwhelming roles but still plays it with zeal. 

Cinematography by Chella durai is good, while cuts by Raja Muhammed keep the movie tight. Vidya Sagar’s return sadly is the downside, as all the songs sound very amateurish. Dialogues are quite good and direction by Susi Ganeshan is apt.

Thiruttu Payale 2 is entertaining and engaging at the same time save for a few blemishes. TP2 should work very well with the audience.