Lingusamy’s reputation as a hit commercial director took a beating with his last two movies. SandaKozhi was one of his biggest blockbusters with Vishal. So the two decided to make a sequel to the same with Vishal producing the film himself.

SandaKozhi was an entertaining film that had good dozes of fun and very good action. The comparison is inevitable and the sequel is a anything but entertaining. The inspid screenplay the lazy narration and miniscule plot makes watching this sequel a tiresome watch.

Vishal looks jaded and bored in the film. Keerthi tries to up the ante evoking comparison with Meera Jasmine in the first part, but then here the writing is woeful. Varalakshmi is unconvincing in her baddie role. Raj Kiran is okay and his age shows.

Sakthivel’s cinematography has nothing new to offer. Yuvan music score does not work the magic as in the first part. Praveen’s editing is OK. Dialogues are dull. Direction is sub standard.

There is a dialogue in the film that refers to the 7 years gone by. Unfortunately Lingusamy and Vishal have gotten older but not wiser.