Selly Cinemas has produced this film that is written and directed by debutant Murugesh.

Sagaa starts off like most debutant movies reasonably. It has a hopeful premise that could have been strongly built upon. But then the film oscillates between being boringly commercial and at times a little interesting. Too many subplots, especially the ridiculous romance, take the focus away from the “chase” and the movie ends up as a dull affair.

The lead actors are all fresh and they do a decent job. Saran fits the role he plays. Sai Dheena looks the same either in uniform or out of it or in any of his other films. Others are OK.

Niran Chander’s cinematography does the trick in trying to make the film better visually. Shabir’s music is patchy and the wrong placement makes the songs tiring. Dialogues are bland and editing is tardy. Direction for a debutant is average.

SAGAA is more confused than what it sets out to be. Perhaps the team has its reasons, but then it has many flaws than promises.