Koode Movie Review

‘Koode’ is by far one of the sweetest and nicest Malayalam movies made on the special bonding between a brother and sister. Joshua (Prithviraj) plays the lead in the movie and Sophie (Parvathy) is cast as his love interest. The role of the sister is played by Jenny (Nazriya).

The movie begins on a very sad and depressing note where we get to see that Jenny has passed away due to an illness that has been haunting her right from birth. Prithviraj works in Dubai and hasn’t seen or spoken to his family for the longest time since he feels they treat him like a money vending machine and hardly care to even know how he is in foreign land and if he is even happy with his life there or not.

All was well with little Joshua’s life and things get better for him when Jenny is born. He loves his sister more than anything and anybody in his life. The situation gets bad for him when he comes to know that Jenny has a medical ailment and would need to be on medication all through her life. Since the family is not well to do and need to spend a lot of money on Jenny’s medicines, the parents decide to send 15-year old Joshua to Dubai for work along with his uncle!

This is where Joshua starts developing a hatred for his family since he feels he was not allowed to stay with them and spend time with his beloved sister, Jenny. Joshua comes back home after the longest time for Jenny’s funeral! He is heartbroken and too much in pain, this is when Jenny comes back into his life and starts talking to him. The surprise element here is that he and only he can see Jenny! It might sound weird and more like a horror story, but that’s definitely not what the movie Koode is about!

Jenny who is more a figment of his imagination spends all her time with Joshua (whom she calls Cha, with love) and tells him that she really missed his presence in her life. She shares her secrets with him and even tells him that he should have been there for her when she needed him the most. She even helps him reconnect with his love interest from school, Sophie.

Does Joshua understand that his family still loves him and get back to them or does he head back to Dubai? Does Jenny’s presence change his life and make him a better man? All this and more is for you to see the movie and find out!

Both Prithviraj and Nazriya have done complete justice to the role given to them. Parvathy has done a decent job with the very limited role given to her in the movie. The characters that play Joshua’s dad (Renjith), Joshua’s mom (Parvathi T), Joshua’s football coach (Atul Kulkarni) and Jenny’s love interest (Roshan Mathew) have done a nice job. Director Anjali Menon’s work is very commendable!


Rating: 4/5

Divya Jay