KADAMAI SEI is a comedy action film produced by Ganesh Entertainment and Nahar Films and written and directed by Venkat Raghavan. 
The story of KS is nothing interesting, a very flat and placid plot, the slapstick comedy in the screenplay is a huge downer. There is some medical thrill that is ploughed in the plot that doesn’t quite stick. A low cost production design doesn’t help either. The characters are loud and jump around. There is nothing worthwhile that happens in the movie that would interest the viewer.
SJ Suryah is a surprise cast in such a film and does neatly. Yaashica Aanand has little to do. Mottai Rajendran after a long time is OK. The rest are below average.
Low cost production results in a very average output. Cinematographer Vinoth Rathinaswamy is largely functional. Arun Raj’s background score is average considering the screenplay. Dialogues are poor and direction very basic.
KADAMAIYEI SEI is barely watchable
Shreesha B.U