Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie review

After the prequels being so well made and having amazed all the audience, this movie definitely had set the expectations really high.

Sadly, the movie fails all expectations and has disappointed all its audience. The storyline is really weak and we would definitely see a lot of unnecessary and dragging moments every now and then.

The lead actors in the film Chris Patt and Bryce Dallas have tried their best to do well with the kind of role that they have been given, but fail to impress!

The movie moves on really slow right from the first 15 minutes of the start till the very end. This movie should have been definitely made way better for the kind of expectations it had set. Another big problem was that the movie was released only in 2D. Movies like Jurassic World are definitely worth watching only in 3D, I feel.

Rafe Spall, the guy playing the negative role, has been given a very small and insignificant role in the movie! He has tried to do justice to the very little presence that he has been given on the screen. Overall, the movie fails to charm the audience and disappoints all by being not even an average movie. Sadly the movie had no moments where one could say, ‘this is something I like about the movie’!

I would definitely not recommend this movie. It’s not worth even a one time watch!

Rating: 1/5

Divya Jay