F&F is now a legendary franchise that is much awaited by millions of its fans across the globe. The untimely death of its lead star Paul Walker was a set back, but managed to generate enough curiosity for this sequel. Vin Diesel the lead star in this sequel is the producer as well and has co-directed too.

F&F 8 like its predecessors is a no brainer when it comes to logic or plot. It’s the same “Save the world” theme that hollywood seem to own since ages with only the enemies and partners changing with respect to the present day political alignment. The script could have very well been the handiwork of any kindergarten action fan that surpasses even the most outlandish stupidity. But then there are fans for this kind of genre where a missile is guided with the help of just one hand or a few cars that can outrun a submarine on ice. The forceful comedy hardly manages to bring a smile on the viewer’s face while the action mostly choreographed on the computer screen is cartoonish and is sadly below standard when compared to its predecessors.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson compete for the “Rock” face of the movie award and honours are even. Jason Statham provides some life in a very limited role while the other “special agents” in the support cast make a mockery of themselves with their sub standard comedy.  The villain in Charlize Theron is as ineffective as “Cipher” her character name.

You know what to expect in an action overdose movie as this and you wont be disappointed to see cars flying and swimming not to forget them screeching on the roads. The cinematography and the CG work is very inconsistent plus the editing is all mashed up. The dialogues are very ordinary while the direction is comical.

F&F 8 in its eight instalment has ran out of ideas and gas, not that its predecessors had any..



B.U. Shreesha.