A1 Movie Review

Producer S. Raj Narayanan of CircleBox Entertainment has produced this movie that is written and directed by Johnson K.

Okay, Tamil cinema of late has tsken “comedy” to plunging depths. Slapstick comedy becomes an excuse for silly writing and idiotic characterization. A1 faithfully sticks to the above. The jokes are oneliners that swing between funny to crude but mostly bad. The community bashing is cliche and is one more regressive aspect of Kollywood.

Santhanam does not show any improvement despite losing weight. Tara Alisha Berry has a longer name than her role. Sai Kumar returns jaded. The side kicks do what’s expected out of them.

Gopi’s cinematography is practical. Sontosh Narayan’s music is average. Editing by Leo John Paul keeps it crisp. Dialogues are short and direction is decent.

A 1 is what Tamil audience is used to these days in the name of comedy, strictly for its one liners.

A1 – YEVAN ?


B.U. Shreesha