Wagah Movie Review

Wagah-Movie-Poster-1‘Wagah’ promised a lot before its release. For, it was helmed by G N R Kumaravelan, whose last venture ‘Haridas’ was such a poignant film. It has Vikram Prabhu, who is fast rising to stardom, in the lead.

And the film was tipped to be a touching romantic story between an Indian man and a Pakistani woman. But the expectations created by all these factors fall flat in the cinema hall, as ‘Wagah’ disappoints a lot.

Of course, there are few scenes which are interesting and inspiring. But on the whole, the fim lacks intelligence and is irresponsible too. And it is doubly so as it comes from a director like Kumaravelan.

The story goes like this: Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) joins BSF as he was told by his cousin that armymen get liquor in subsidised rates. As he is posted in Wagah border, it is love at first sight when he comes across Khanom (Ranya Rao).

Khanom is a Pakistani girl and when he goes with her to drop her back at home, the Pakistani army arrests him. He is tortured to the core.

As Vasu is about to give up, words uttered by the army chief against India infuse fresh life in them. He bashes everyone and reaches India safe with his ladylove.

Vikram Prabhu has done his homework right and appears like a jawan. But alas, his hard work goes in vain. Ranya Rao reminds us of Hansika Motwani and looks like a Pak girl. Pakistani villains appear like caricatures.

D Imman has come up with songs and background score that are strictly average. So are other technical departments. We expect a film like ‘Haridas’ from Kumaravelan at least the next time.

Wagah – Cross border terrorism

by Bhaskar

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