V3 is produced by Team A Ventures and written and directed by Amudhavanan. With sexual abuse as its theme V3 tries to grapple with many things at the same time. The movie begins tepidly and a few scenes later the trajectory of the film becomes very evident. The investigation scenes are badly presented and the screenplay is dysfunctional. A few emotional scenes make a small impression otherwise the script looks loosely written. Like in most films there are a few scenes and dialogues to please a motley crowd.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar looks stiff throughout the film not knowing what to do more. Esther and Pavana Gowda are OK. Adukalam Naren is the saving grace in the film.

Siva Prabhu’s cinematography is decent. Allen Sebastin’s musical score is very average. Editing is inconsistent. Dialogues are bland and direction is insipid.

V3 is an abysmal fare .




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