THUNIVU is an action heist film written and directed by H. Vinoth, and produced by Boney Kapoor.

THUNIVU does not waste much time and jumps to the plot staight away. Though the orchestrated heist looks pretty ordinary without much intelligence, the pace of the movie punctuated with repartees keeps the engagement on. The songs are a misfit in the scheme of the things. Post interval the suspense continues with a flashback that doesn’t impress. Vinoth keeps the screenplay entertaining with repeated small twists and turns that camouflages the logical loopholes. The script hooks the audience by taking up a common cause and weaves it into the heist drama thereby investing the interest of the viewer in the ongoing parade. The climax is a ridiculous mess that would amuse most video games and also leaves a lot of unanswered questions amidst the mindless action midsea sinking the audience’s hopes for answers. Despite being an action thriller the action sequences are dull and drab.

Ajith Kumar looks to be having fun on screen after a long time like a kid swinging his gun during Diwali. He makes up for his lack of fitness with swag. Manju Warrier has very little to do. Samudrakanni is decent. Pavani Reddy is okay. Mohana Sundaram is fun. The rest are okay.

Nirav Shah’ cinematography is taut. Ghibran’s background score and songs are entertaining. Editing by Vijay Velukutty is crisp. Dialogues are good and direction neat.

THUNIVU is not Vinoth’s best but stays afloat..




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