The Nun II is a gothic supernatural horror film directed by Michael Chaves, with a screenplay written by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper from a story by Cooper. It serves as a sequel to The Nun (2018) and the ninth installment in The Conjuring Universe franchise.

The audience across the world have now got to be well versed with the multiverse and universe of select directors and cults. Nun prequel was a silent hit as it hit the bulls eye with the terror film fans. Like all scare films you expect a lot of thrills and horror. The first half of the film is all about conversations and history that it does take a lot of time to get to the meat of the film. The second half is where all the horror action begins, especially towards the last half an hour. Part two is no different as it still tries to grapple with a solid plot and a few jump scares here and there. The last half an hour tries to make up for the slackness in the script thus far.

Bonnie Aarons is good but has very little to do. Taissma Farmiga too is fine again less meat in her character. Anna Popwell and the rest are OK.
Tristan Nyby’s cinematography is good and captures the mood of the film. Marco Beltrami’s background score is effective. Dialogues are decent while direction doesn’t offer anything new.

THE NUN II is as predictable the Nun on the street !!




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