RAAVANA KOTTAM is written and directed by Vikram Sugumaran. The film is produced by Kannan Ravi Group.

The story is as archaic as it can get and with an ancient screenplay the film is just plain bland and uninteresting. It is the usual the bad (politicians, corporate) vs the good ( the lazy young men, the lazier older ones). There is an insipid romantic track and a lot of issues that the film claims to sort it out in less than three hours. The setting is boring and the staid screenplay is annoying to say the least. If the first half manages to barely scrape through the second half is difficult to endure.

Shantanu does his best but isn’t enough and is let down by weak writing. Anandhi doesn’t fit in the scheme of things. Prabhu is the weakest spot in the film and looks jaded and old. The others are just there.

Vetrivel Mahendran’s cinematography is very average. The talented Justin Prabhakaran’s musical score sadly goes wasted. Dialogues are average. Editing is a letdown. Direction is ordinary.
RAAVANA KOOTAM is a definite miss.


B.U. Shreesha

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