Pichaikkaran 2 :Anti Bikili is an action thriller film co-written, edited, directed, and music-composed by Vijay Antony in his directorial debut. Pichaikaran was a runaway hit that released few years back.

With P2 Vijay Antony has ended up with more in his mouth that he can chew. The film has a consistent slew of messages that keep coming from every corner of the screen and yet manages to parody itself in other scenes conflicting with the very same messages it tries to preach. The uniqueness of the prequel is missing in this film offers nothing new. The film begins OK but then it goes downhill with some unnecessary action and looks like a film built to glorify the hero. There are many references and lifts from the mass messiah movies that Shankar and ARM have churned out and the déjà vu is annoying.

Vijay Antony is his consistent constant. Kavya Thapar is OK. John Vijay and Harish deliver what is expected out of them.

There is a lot of CG that stares at your face and becomes hard to believe the affluence on screen. Om Narayan’s cinematography is decent. Background score is good but the songs don’t stick. Dialogues are fine. Editing is neat and direction standard.

PICHAIKARAN 2 goes abegging !!



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