MARK ANTONY is produced by Mini Studio and the film is written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran.

Horror comedies are passé now after beating that genre to death; TFI has now picked up a new muse, time travel. After dabbling with some serious science myths that fell flat on its face, the makers have decided to tackle time travel that seems the easiest of the sciences to deal with. The film begins with a rationalization about the machine and it is vital to understanding the happenings thereafter. Then on this film is as loud as you can get in a tawdry gangster script that travels to and fro in time. At the outset there is no compass for logic of any type and it remains a tough challenge to devote in the proceedings, particularly in the first half. The second half is as lengthy as it can get despite getting interesting. The film has its moments and some comedy too, but the narrative is too cliché and shrill for comfort. There are many scenes that look cyclic and hark back us to earlier movies. The length too is an concern especially towards the end.

Vishal is a letdown, save for the climax bit. SJ Suryah is the one who steals the show with a stellar roller coaster performance. Sunil does impress. The others have very little to do.

Abhinandan Ramanujam’s cinematography is in the top league and compliments the production design of the film. GV Prakash lets it loose in the background score trying to match the tacky screenplay with bellowing music and below average songs. Dialogues are OK. Editing could have been tight in parts. Direction is decent.

MARK ANTONY despite a time travel film will be forgotten soon, despite being enjoyable in parts.



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