KABZAA is a period action thriller film written and directed by R. Chandru. The film is produced by Anand Pandit, R. Chandru and Alankar Pandian.

KABZAA’s heavy KGF influence is obvious right from the first frame and from then on it’s a continuous cascades of innumerable KGF templates that completely obliterates any originality that the plot could have had. The haywire screenplay, the deafening gunshots, bad edits, the loud background score and the annoying romance make it a challenge to engage oneself in the film. None of the characters got any depth and it is left to the assumption of the viewers. The sit up moments are far and few.

Upendra, we know the brilliant director that he is and it’s unfathomable how he agreed to be part of this film. His performance too is jaded and looks old. Shriya is neat. Sudheep is in a small role and Shivraj in a much smaller one. The villains are the performers.

The production design is decent. Cinematography by AJ Shetty is good. Ravi Basrur’s background score can ram the ears of many. Songs are Okay. Dialogues are ineffective. Editing by Mahesh Reddy is all over the place. Direction is badly inspired.

KABZAA is a loud mindless action fest !




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