KAARI is a sports action drama film written and directed by Hemanth in his directorial debut and produced by S. Lakshman Kumar under the banner of Prince Pictures.

Sasikumar is known for his rural milieu and KAARI is no different. KAARI begins in an intriguing fashion. But then too much melodrama and cliche settings mar the proceedings that is built on a tidy plot. Yet, the film keeps you engaged mostly because of KAARI the bull that keeps the viewer hooked. The climax could have been handled better and the diplomatic lesson on culture is sadly a let down.

Sasikumar is comfortable in his role. Parvathy Arun is good. JD Chakravarthy is okay.

Ganesh Chandrra’s cinematography is adequate. D. Imman’s musical score is a big plus. Shivanandeeswaran’s editing is average. Dialogues are decent and direction for a debutant is good.

KAARI is okayish..




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