JokerPolitical satires of late have become a strict no in Tamil Film Industry. Joker has tried to put that to test. The film is by Raju Murugan who gave the critically acclaimed “Cuckoo”.

The movie is about politics and systems that ail this country. It is told in the form of a vigilante who takes up causes that affect him and the society. The narration though at times not tight manages to hold the attention of the viewer. The movie throws lights on various aspects and tries to kindle the individual to fight for their rights.

The actors do their part very well and that plays an important role in the movie being neat to watch. Guru Somasundaram fits the bill perfectly. The women in the movie too do full justice to their roles. The rest of the cast too perform admirably.

The camera work is good and very pleasing. Music by Sean Rolden is wonderfully apt and the songs have been a hit even before the release of the film. Dialogues are worthy and direction by Raju murugan deserves appreciation.

Joker is a serious movie that takes up the cause of social responsibility and illustrates it so very well. The team deserves appreciation for taking up this project.




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