Japan is a heist action comedy film written and directed by Raju Murugan. It is produced by S. R. Prakash Babu and S. R. Prabhu under Dream Warrior Pictures. This film is Karthi’s 25th film.

Raju Murugan is known for his penchant for making movies that convey a social message. With JAPAN, he has attempted to pitch a curve ball in his attempt to shed his serious image. The film is as ludicrous as the title suggests and it takes no more than a few minutes to prepare oneself for the depths of mockery this film would dive into. The screenplay is as dull as it can get. The narration is flat and is an assortment of clichés and ridiculous plots. It is only towards the end that the film tries to wake up, but by then the audience have been put to sleep by an insipid tale that is bereft of any fun despite its loud and garish premise. The comedy fails big time and save for very few sparse moments the film is a colossal mess.

Karthi has danced to the tune of the director but the bad script doesn’t help. Sunil is decent as the cop. Anu Emanuel has little to do while Jithan Ramesh is OK.

Ravi Varman’s cinematography is good. GV Prakash’s background score is as loud as it can get. Philomin Raj’s editing is weak. Dialogues are average and direction standard.

JAPAN is not to be visited !


B.U. Shreesha

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