Good Night is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Vinayak Chandrasekaran. The film is produced by Million Dollar Studios.

An interesting line, Vinayak deftly works the line into a largely neatly written script that is amazingly shouldered by Manikandan’s brilliant performance. The screenplay is engaging and the proceedings are organic. There are no superficial scenes or moments and that keeps the audience hooked to the screen as they are able to relate to the happenings. Yes there are slipups. The film does try to touch upon some sensitive issues but the writing contradicts itself on the very issues raised. The fun that the first half was doesn’t add up in the second half. Post interval the film digresses and looks all over the place with some repeated scenes. Yes you can see where the film would end and hence the lengthy climax that is supposedly funny isn’t what it actually it is meant to be.

The film should owe its entertainment to its wonderful cast. Manikandan can be the sole reason the film can be watched. He is in terrific form and easily one of the best performances in the recent months. Ramesh Thilak is the perfect foil. Rachel Rebecca is decent. Bhagavathy Perumal and Balaji Shaktivel are good. The rest are neat.

Jayanth’s cinematography is good. Sean Ronald’s music and background score is neat. Dialogues are good. Editing is OK. Direction is impressive.

GOOD NIGHT’s fun moments will keep you awake !!



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