GHOSTY is a horror comedy written and directed by Kalyaan. This film is produced by Seed Pictures.

Horror comedies in TFI needs no introduction and after a brief pause it is back again in the form of GHOSTY. There have been a hundred films in the last few years that flirted this genre and only a mere few have made an impression. GHOSTY belongs to the maximum rest that in the name of comedy horrifies the viewers. Filmmakers of this genre believe ludicrous characters are integral to such silly plots and this film is no different. Save for a few laughs here and there, there is nothing to save this ridiculous sham of a movie.

Kajal Agarwal is fine. Urvashi is as usual. KSR is neat. Motte Rajendran is typical while Yogi Babu with his gang are decent.

Jacob Rathinaraj’s cinematography is average. Sam CS is OK with his background score. Dialogues are average and editing a long yawn. Direction is rudimentary.

GHOSTY is strictly for the very bored ones !




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