The future of underprivileged students’ education hangs in the balance

Established in 1999, Rice MMS (Rural Institute of Community Education – Mathakondapalli Model School) in Hosur, Krishnagiri district, embarked on a remarkable journey with a generous grant of 90 crores from Teres des Homes (TDH – NL), a renowned Non-governmental organization in the Netherlands. Since then, it has been dedicated to offering top-notch education to numerous underprivileged students, empowering them with a world-class learning experience.

In 2014, a troubling turn of events unfolded at the school when Meru Miller took on the role of board secretary. Unfortunately, instead of upholding the school’s values, Meru Miller engaged in a series of administrative irregularities. Shockingly, over five hundred children, who were receiving free education, were expelled by the school administration. Adding to the dismay, Meru Miller and Oliver Salomon unlawfully sold the school’s property, valued at a staggering sixteen crores, and were involved in corrupt practices.

Journalist Mr. Sivaraman vehemently criticized this issue and lodged a formal complaint with IAS officer Mr. Dinesh Ponraj Oliver, urging for the removal of Meru Miller. He also insisted on the appointment of a new secretary in order to safeguard the educational rights of numerous underprivileged students. It is anticipated that the Tamil Nadu government will heed his plea and respond accordingly.

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