The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) Annual General Body Meeting Press Meet by President BFI Mr.Aadhav Arjuna

The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) successfully conducted its Annual General Body Meeting (AGM). The meeting, led by the newly elected body, focused on the significant developments and future plans for Indian basketball.

The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) Annual General Body Meeting Press briefing made by President BFI Mr.Aadhav Arjuna, Mr. Aezaz Ahmed- Executive Member of BFI & Mr T Chengalraiya Naidu – Treasurer, BFI.

Key highlights discussed at the AGM include:

New Administration Office: The BFI will inaugurate its new administration office in Delhi in the first week of August 2024.

National Sports Camp: A year-long national sports camp will be established at the National Sports Center in Chennai to provide comprehensive training and development for athletes.

Talent Reach Wing (TRW): The formation of the TRW aims to scout and develop the best basketball talent across the nation. Aman Sharma has been appointed as the chairman of this committee.

New Coaching Appointments:

Mr. Scott Flemming, a renowned NBA coach, has been appointed to enhance the coaching infrastructure.
Discussions are underway to appoint a dedicated 3×3 coach.
National Sports Academies: BFI will establish two National Sports Academies, each accommodating 60 talented players who will receive full scholarships.

New Playing Regulations:

Players can now participate in up to 10 national championships: 3 Sub Junior, 3 Junior, and 4 Youth Nationals.
Appointed players can start playing with their department teams immediately without the previous six-month waiting period.
These developments reflect BFI’s commitment to fostering basketball talent and infrastructure in India, setting a strong foundation for future growth.

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