Vithaikkaaran is an action thriller movie written and directed by Venki. K Vijay Pandi has produced the movie under the White Carpet Films banner.

Writer director Venki has attempted a heist movie that revolves around a magician with the support of some mindless comedy. Yes, logic and reasoning has to take the last seat if one has to be entertained. What works for the film is that it rarely digresses save for the customary hero introduction song. The movie takes a while to get adjusted to with no proper reveal with respect to the proceedings on screen. The comedy works in parts. As the film progresses the viewer can lose interest as there is no clear reasoning behind the action on screen. Why? How? When? Are the questions that keep popping out throughout the movie and towards the end when the answers do come it is too late? Yet there are some loose ends.

Sathish still ploughs the same stuff. Simran Gupta is OK. Anand raj is his usual self. The rest do what is expected out of them.

The low budget is evident throughout the film. Cinematography by Yuva Karthik is basic. Background score by VBR is average. Songs are OK. Dialogues are OK while direction for a debutant is decent.

VITHAIKARAN is OK for a few laughs without rationale.


B.U. Shreesha

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