The Road is an action thriller written and directed by debutant Arun Vaseegaran and produced by AAA Cinemaa.

The film makes a bang start and the road looked amazing for a thrilling ride. The few moments of sugary syrupy romance can be ignored and all of a sudden the track shifts and so does the gear as the screenplay hits a neutral spot dragging the viewers all along. Now one realizes that there are two parallel tracks and it becomes a foregone conclusion that the two would merge at some place. The investigation is shabbily done and the villain revelation and the chain of antagonists are hard to take. The lengthy climax is a mess and action is terrible. What make the film barely watchable are the chilling crimes and the few moments of suspense.

Trisha doesn’t quite fit the role and is very average. Shabeer Kallarkal is very impressive. The rest are just there..

KG Venkatesh’s cinematography is good. Sam CS’s background score is a bit too loud. Editing is a drag. Dialogues are good while direction is neat.

The Road is an average watch and would make better sense on OTT



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