THE AKAALI is a mystery crime thriller produced by PBS Productions and written and directed by Mohammed Asif Hameed.

The film has an interesting plot but the way the narration begins makes it difficult for the viewer to comprehend the happening on screen. The narrative makes these incessant jumps from one subject to the other not to forget the characters that spring up from nowhere as they get merged in the ritual. It becomes much more messy as different stories and theories at different periods get pulled along as the main plot undergoes so many dilutions despite the periodic investigation of an officer reminding the viewer of it. It takes a lot of effort to view and keep track of the events and the second half tries to unravel the plot with some cliché message in the end. Though ambitious with some decent effort, the film gets entangled in a presentation that confuses the viewer thereby making them lose interest in the proceedings.

Swayam Siddha should have had more meat in her character and feels underutilized. Nasseer the veteran does well. Vinoth Kishan is neat and so are the rest.

Giri Murphy’s cinematography is a plus. Anish Mohan’s music works well too. Dialogues are fine. Editing by Pandiyan could have been much better. Direction is decent.

THE AKAALI gets lost in translation !!



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