SATHIYA SODHANAI is produced by Super Talkies Touchwood Studios. The film is written and directed Suresh Sangiah, who received some praise for his debut film “Oru Kidain Karunai Manu”.

Suresh has made his directorial style clear with his debut movie and with his second film he has attempted the same. A different storyline and a challenging screenplay Suresh has handled it commendably though the slipups are noticeable. The staging and the production design could have been better but then one wonders the budget for such filmmakers. The realistic police station scenes and the courtroom scenes are fun, but not always. Satire is for you to see and it is very subtle and that is what works good for the film. It isn’t on your face kind of black comedy but interestingly told. The protagonist’s character could have been well defined.

Premji Amaran is okayish. Swayam is good in a very short role. It is the supporting cast in the form of Gnanasambandham and co who make a very good impression.

Technically the film is weak due to its budget. Cinematography by Saran is OK. Music by Raghuram is decent. Dialogues are good and direction is decent.

SATHYA SOTHANAI is an average output from a bold idea !!



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