RAYAR PARAMBARAI is a comedy drama film that is written and directed by Ramnath. The film is produced by Chinnasamy Mounaguru.

The film makes no bones about its intentional slapstick comedy right from the first few minutes. Hence the audience is prepared by the writer for a mindless comic fare that is replete with silly one liners and stupidest theatrics. The plot is weak and the screenplay rests on just the silliness of the characters who enact a drama that is devoid of any skill or narrative. The first half is aimless while in the second half the flash back is unconvincing and a loud long climax ends the ordeal.

Krishna is annoying in this character. Sharanya Nair is uninteresting. Anand Raj and Mottai Rajendran are boring. The rest are just there.

Cinematography is average. Music by Balasubramanian has one good song. Dialogues are plain. Direction is standard.

RAYAR PARAMBARAI is strictly for slapstick comedy fans !!



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