RATHTHAM is a crime drama written by Thozhar Aathi C.S Amudhan. Athisha and Karkibava. The film is directed by CS Amudhan and produced by Dhananjay.

After a series of crime thrillers that had police officers investigating the crimes, Amudhan tries to twist the narrative by involving journalists who investigate these crimes. It does look fresh but only at the beginning and as the movie progresses the media house sounds and looks like a software company and less like a media company. The plot is definitely absorbing and has a lot of potential, but the writing is tasteless and the unnecessary action scene and that one horseback mass scene is pretty bad. In what that could have been a war of intelligence is let down with some very ordinary and baseless logic that feels more contrived. The antagonist’s casualness and nonchalance makes the narrative sound very weak. Save for once scene where the two talk the rest of the scenes can hardly be counted. The climax is disappointing as well.

Vijay Antony is as subdued as always. Nanditha Swetha does try. Mahima Nambiar tries to be cute. Ramya Nambeesan has little to do. The rest are OK

Cinematography by Gopi Amarnath is dull. Kannan Narayan’s background score is OK. The songs don’t work in the scheme of things. Suresh Babu’s editing is lazy. Dialogues are average and direction standard.

RATHTHAM is a letdown !!



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