RANAM ARAM THAVAREL is a murder mystery written and directed by Sharief Gows. The film is produced by Madhu Nagarajan.

Murder mystery films usually have an intriguing premise and an interesting beginning. This film within the first 15 minutes completely throws off the viewer with its incessant jumps in the proceedings. The first half trudges along despite a series of murders as the screenplay keeps unravelling the knots. Vaibhav’s characterisation feels half cooked and that is a huge downer. The second half is full of the typical clichés and the sorry drama, which like most such films is largely artificial with that déjà vu feeling. Pace of the film with so many happenings is such that there is not enough time for the viewer to sympathise with the characters. The short episodes, the flashbacks at apathetic phases make it much more difficult to get tuned to them. The climax is a cover up of all the loose ends and that too doesn’t quite make the cut. Absence of romance is a huge plus. The film touches upon a serious subject that again has been talked about before, but it gets lost in the melee, though towards the end it gets the attention it deserves.

The lead characters in the film have one template expression. Vaibhav is OK. Nandita Swetha is fine. Tanya Hope with that scowl face all through feels starched. The rest are standard.

Balaji K Raja’s cinematography works. Arrol Corelli’s background score is apt. Dialogues are good, while editing is a mess. Direction is OK.

RANAM ARAM THAVAREL is a muddled effort and strictly for murder mystery fans !!



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