POR THOZHIL, an investigative thriller, is a collaboration between writers Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja, with Vignesh Raja directing the film and is produced by Applause Entertainment.

The first intriguing 30-minutes of the movie offers moments of amusement, a few thrills, and sets the stage for an exciting whodunit mystery. However, as the film progresses, it unfortunately loses its momentum.The strength of POR THOZHIL lies in its lead characters, who are modeled after the classic cop duos of Hollywood. However, the characterization falls short, particularly in the case of the lead character. His transformation lacks progression, which hampers the overall impact. Furthermore, the sudden revelation and the untangling of events after the interval fail to resonate effectively with the audience. On the positive side, the film maintains a linear narrative that remains focused throughout, avoiding any unnecessary digressions. It refrains from incorporating commercial elements such as romance or forced comedy, allowing the narrative to stay true to its course. Unfortunately, the climax feels rushed and fails to leave a lasting impression, adhering to the predictable template associated with this genre.

Ashok Selvan delivers a controlled performance as expected, showcasing his talent. After a considerable gap, Sharath Kumar delivers a decent performance. However, the inclusion of Nikhila Vimal raises questions regarding her role and purpose within the film. The remaining cast members perform well in their respective roles.

Kalaiselvan Sivaji’s cinematography serves its purpose effectively, while Jakes Bejoy’s background score feels loud and fails to leave a strong impression. Editor Sreejith Sarang maintains a neat editing style, and the dialogues are satisfactory. The direction of the film is good.

Overall, POR THOZHIL had the potential to excel but falls short of reaching its full potential. It is a restrained effort that leaves viewers wanting more.

POR THOZHIL – An opportunity missed!



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