POR is a political campus drama that is written and directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The film is co written by Neil Julian Balthazar and Mithila Hegde. Madhu Alexander, Prabhu Antony and Bejoy Nambiar produce this film.

The writers of POR let loose a flurry of activities on screen. It gets difficult to comprehend as one after another the agendas keep piling up and by the time one gets to the main plot it becomes an trivial one. That sums up the first half and in the second half the focus shifts to the core story while all the other themes discussed before get digressed. The banal looming climax is visible from a long distance and the mayhem ends expediently. It’s literally a crowd out there on the screen with anarchy reigning all over and the rampant proceedings. Now and then you get a few characters from the management who show their reluctant hopeless helplessness to justify their presence in the college administration and to the viewer. What keeps the movie engaging is the raw energy, style and technical craftsmanship while the script is a holy mess.

The lead characters Kalidas Jayaraman and Arjun Das do nothing more than perform what is expected out of their droning roles. It is the women who are better in the form of Sanchana Natarajan and TJ Bhanu.

Jimshid Khalid’s cinematography is slick. Background score by Sid Sriram is youthful. Dialogues are average. Editing is glossy while direction is middling.

POR is Bejoy Nambiar’s sloppy tribute to his mentor Mani Ratnam !!



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