Parking is a family drama written and directed by Ramkumar Balakrishnan, The film is produced by Sudhan Sundaram and KS Srinish.

New age film makers are smart to deliver OTT ready films on the big screen. PARKING is one such film. The name kind of reveals the plot and in the very first few scenes the expectations are set. It doesn’t take long to see traces of the brilliant Malayalam film “Ayyapanum Koshiyum”. This looks like a watered down version of it under different settings and circumstances. The movie moves mostly on predictable lines while the character transformation is weak and the women are left to do nothing but crib and complain. Good performances help the narrow screenplay in a great way. One big takeaway is that the film sticks to the issue on hand, i.e the confrontation and never for a moment does it digress from it. The climax could have been better as it takes the familiar route despite its message towards the end. It should get lots of views on OTT for sure.

Harish Kalyan continues to deliver decent performances. MS Bhaskar is a veteran and does well. Indhuja has very little to do and does nothing in those few moments. The rest are good.

Cinematography by Jiju Sunny is good. Sam CS ‘ background score is fine. Dialogues are neat. Editing by Philomin raj is OK. Direction for a debutant is commendable.

PARKING is a decent effort !!




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