NINAIVELLAM NEEYADA is a romantic drama written and directed Aadhiraj who shoulders responsibility for the dialogues and the lyrics of the film too. The film received some attention due to Ilayaraja who scores the music for the film.

The film is about first love and the separation thereafter. The movie takes the presentation to the 80’s levels and hence the melodrama feels so contrived and embarrassing. Content is OK, but it is in the screenplay that the writer has let himself down very badly. The clichés are so repetitive that after a while it gets too much to tolerate. The second half doesn’t offer any respite. The casting too is a huge let down. The film ambles its way towards a very lengthy dragging climax finally ending what the viewer thus far endured.

Prajin tries hard. Manisha Yadav is OK. Yuvasri Lakshmi does well. Sinamika is a misfit. Redin Kingsley offers some relief.

The production values are very average. Cinematography is below par. Ilayaraja’s background score reminds us of some very average movies of his in the 80’s. The songs too don’t work. Dialogues are OK and direction is plain.

NINAIVELLAM NEEYADA is forgettable !!


B.U. Shreesha

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