Produced by Arch Media and Entertainment, NAADU is a social drama that is written and directed by Saravanan based on true events.

The politics of the story(read NEET) has obviously been camouflaged due to obvious reasons as the film slowly and surely narrates the ordeal of a nondescript village and their travails. Yet it is too much of a buy in when the entire state prides itself on being the most developed in the country. But then the makers have said it is based on a true incident. We would want to know the era? What works for the film is the execution and the production design and is also helped by some very good performances. Yes there are some instances of melodrama that can be ignored in the larger interests of the message. The message of the unwillingness of doctors to work in small villages and that message should not be obscured by painting NEET as the villain.

Darshan is a natural and is very effective. Mahima Nambiar too does well. Singam Puli, Shivaji Rao have done their bit.

Sakthivel’s cinematography works like a charm. Sathya’s background score helps. Dialogues are good and direction is neat.

NAADU is a social commentary that should not be lost in petty politics !!



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