Marudhu Movie Review

marudhuMarudhu is a tailor made script for Vishal. The movie rests completely on his strong shoulders. The director known for his penchant for rural flicks joins hands with Vishal to recreate a “Sandai Kozhi” kind of effect, but sadly not to that standard.

The story set in rural background is as predictable as a few hundred that we have seen. The first half begins quite interestingly but it is in the second half that the story wanders casually. The romance between the lead pair is close to boring and the lengthy flash back that is repeated makes us quite uncomfortable. Surprisingly a note worthy aspect in the movie is that all the women characters are supremely strong and confident. The screenplay just manages to scrape through but could have been tighter and faster.

Vishal excels in the role made for him. Though the script is not as great it ought to be, Vishal makes up with his intense and strong performance. Shridhivya does not fit the role of a rural belle and looks tiny when together with Vishal. Radharavi does justice to his insignificant role and RK Suresh continues from where he left in “Tharai Thappatai”. The rest are decent in their roles.

Cinematography is average. Action that we usually associate with Vishal movies does not hit high points. Music by Iman is standard, but does well in the background score.

The director is comfortable in these kinds of rural flicks and never steps out of his comfort zone.



By Shreesha B U

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