Maaveeran political fantasy action film written and directed by Madonne Ashwin and produced by Arun Viswa. Ashwin is famous for his critically acclaimed “Mandela” movie.

With Mandela and again now in Maaveeran, Madonne Ashwin fearlessly presents a political satire infused with a generous dose of humor that defies conventional norms. In the realm of Maveeran, Ashwin stays true to his unique style while making necessary tweaks influenced by the omnipresent figure of SK in his script. As the film progresses, the first half adheres to predictable patterns, with SK and Yogi’s characters and an unremarkable plotline. However, Ashwin’s firm grasp over the proceedings becomes apparent as he injects his screenplay with sharp wit and biting sarcasm. Unfortunately, the second half witnesses a gradual decline as the story loses its vigor, the screenplay falters, and elongated, contrived scenes transform the post-interval experience into a tedious ordeal. To make matters worse, a lackluster climax fails to undo the damage that has already been inflicted.

Siva Karthikeyan redeems himself after the debacle in Prince. He clearly shows he is here to stay and stay for a very long time if he makes the right choices. Yogi Babu is back too and the combo works well. Aditi Shankar is OK. Mysskin doesn’t surprise. Sarita is decent in her minimal role. The rest are fine.

Vidhy Ayyana’s cinematography is normal. Bharath Shankar’s songs are forgetful and his background score is average. Dialogues are good. Philomin Raj should have clipped a few minutes. Direction is neat.

MAAVEERAN makes a good start but fizzles out towards the end !!



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