LOVE is a drama thriller that is written and directed by R.P Bala. The film is produced by RP Bala and Kousalya Bala. This film is a remake of the OTT hit Malayalam movie “Love” that was released a couple of years back.

LOVE makes an explosive beginning, you are instantly sucked into the film and its crazy proceedings. The misses become evident, it makes you wonder as the proceedings are stuck inside a house with a virtual verbathon with just three characters and to the point of absurdity. Things do not make sense as slowly the plot intensifies. There are very subtle hints that make sense later and as the movie progresses you realize that there is another narrative. What doesn’t work is that it could have been better handled than in its attempt at being smarter in trying to con the viewer. Lack of sentiments and emotions too is a draw back.

Bharat is decent but could do more. Vani Bhojan is neat. Vivek Prasanna is average and Swayam is OK in her small role.

Cinematography by PG Muthiah is good. Ronnie Raphael’s music fits well. Ajay Manoj’s editing keeps it crisp. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.

LOVE is for the ones who like dark intelligent comedies !! (you can watch the original on Netflix)



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